Twin flame separation this is a time for me to have my own healing, spiritual growth, recognize my lessons and just be the best version of myself.

Realizing now after extensive reading and learning a twin flame separation is something that can’t be avoided and is meant to happen. It was obvious at the point of meeting we weren’t ready for each other. The reunion was UN explainable and strong in nature. We weren’t ready for each other. I.E we weren’t in a position to take care of each others souls. We should have individually learn some important life lessons such as love, loss, handling of jealous and hate. Not looking back at our childhood and realizing the traits of our parents in bedded into our sub conscious. There are key lessons we are still meant to learn.

We will always be connected were still learning and growing in side our self’s. Important Lessons we need to learn Detachment, forgiveness, surrender, grace, inner strength and trust. Forgiveness will be our greatest lesson.

Whatever the memories I am recognizing the mirror images I took from you and seeing my self. I am growing stronger every day. I am UN hitching my self from the matrix and heading towards an awakened mind and heart ready to truly love and be loved. I definitely miss you but I know now it’s meant to happen. What made matters worse for us both was we had to go through this stage alone and no body will no exactly how we feel. I am left with a string of questions in my head with no real answers. But were still connected in a way. We still think about each other all the time and feel our internal energy. I will endure the pain and grow and learn what I need to no I will trust in the process.

Once we are ready the universe will reunite us once more. This time the love will be unbreakable and divine.

I am a victim of the projections of my parent’s shadow-selves…

I recognize that I must forgive them, because they don’t know what they do, and then it is a natural thing to simply let go.

I am embodying My Higher Self and letting go of the identification with shame and guilt.

I no longer seek to extract love, approval and appreciation from other people.

I am now letting go and not carrying emotional scars.

Fire, oxygen, earth, water are the building blocks of the entire universe, and what constitutes my soul.

“I’m going to let the universe tell me which path to take, and I’m going to trust that I will know what I have to do when I have to do it.”





5 thoughts on “Twin flame separation this is a time for me to have my own healing, spiritual growth, recognize my lessons and just be the best version of myself.

  1. Dean,
    Having an aim that’s closest to your heart is always good. Keep aiming. By the way, as cement comes off, our perspective shifts. I’ve changed mine several times, clarifying better my true hearts desire! Great job on sticking with class!

    Caryn Elizabeth
    Mkmma Certified Guide

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