About Me

Hi, my name is Dean Willis. I am an entrepreneur and I am also working on developing apps, which will help the greater good of people in the world. After spending 15 years of my life being a Disc Jockey (DJ) my life changed drastically. I realized who I was and what my life purpose was and realized I had to change my career path and make some really tough decisions in my life. After dealing with such a dramatic childhood and breaking free of other people’s beliefs and wants, I finally did it I became the black sheep of my family. Breaking the chains of other people’s narrow-minded beliefs and set out on my own personal life journey, Living and working in Majorca as a Disc Jockey in the summer months and traveling in the winter months. Making wonderful experiences, making stories to tell not buying stuff to show. Traveling and living in different cultures and places truly understanding the values of humanity and communities.

After ten years of traveling and enjoying life this way it finally happened, I was to be a come a father. Not in the same sir come stances of were in a loving relationship. I felt my self-seeing the life I had growing up in for my son, no father, messed up stepfathers angry and violent. How could I have done this? How can I have got myself into the same mess as my mother? After a few months of working and thinking what should I do I made a choice. I decided to give it a go with my child’s mother. (The one nightstand) For the sack of my son, I would not be my father. And walk away I would be the man he failed to be.

The truth is I would never love this person; I could never respect this  woman. But I was willing to sacrifice a year of my life to bond with my child.

Hoping I could build a relationship with my son’s mother of what a child truly needs in his live. A father and mother that works as a team for the good of our child. And building a bond with one another of mutual respect.

After Not understanding one’s own ego and not respecting one’s own boundaries another, allowing people to control my emotions.

Making wrong decisions, doing thinks out of fear not truly being I. Running away from my own past and problems inside.

Finally, I awoke fighting through difficult pains inside of myself facing up to my own EGO and embarking on a true spiritual journey of one’s self and life purpose. Would it be ok with you if I shared this journey of self-discovery and reprogramming of becoming the true me?

In the hope, I can show you that the master key experience truly works and in the end may inspire you to free yourself from your past, your problems and give you the knowledge to aid you in rediscovering your best self?