Press release



Thank you Dean for this interview. Can you tell us about your incredible success?


The main success provides from The Master Key System, by Haanel, and the great Mastermind created by Mark and Davene. Also having the spiritual teachings of   Dr & Master Sha (Tao source Healing). And the two 10 day Vipassana Meditation courses I attended. Changed my world and life.


My 2 PPNs are Spiritual growth and helping others.


For me personally my Success came in many different parts.

I literally started school again. Reprogramming my mind body and soul. Clearing away karmic debt getting my self closer to my purpose.

  • I had to learn to live with good habits: Read The Greatest Salesman, do It Now.
  • I had to Read and learn the master Key System by Charles Haanel.
  • Also Learn from the MKMMA Sessions with Davene and Mark.
  • I had to read my Blueprint out loud every day.
  • I had to read master key every day.
  • I also had to read my Dmp 3 times a day.
  • I had to do a daily tapping and mantras for an hour a day by Dr & Master Sha.
  • I also had to do Samatha meditation daily for half an hour to gentle train the mind how to develop inner strength and freedom from turmoil.
  • I also went on two 10 days Vipassana Mediation course; witch helped me to a point of self-transformation through self-observation. A journey to my common root of mind and body that dissolves mental impurity, witch resulted in a balanced mind full of love and compassion.

My greatest achievement was what I achieved from within.

  • I have learned how to forgive my self and others.
  • I have learned how to love myself and let go of the past.
  • I have lost my ego and found peace from with in.
  • I have a clear awareness of exactly what is happening as it happens.
  • I have also achieved great amounts of empathy and love for all of humanity.
  • I have achieved complete peace in my heart.


Ounce I had achieved and finished working on my self the energy just started to flow. Success flowed the way it was meant to achieving success in business, humanitarian projects and many other areas of my life.

  •  I had successfully set up a company (tech with integrity) and launched two of the 8 apps buy December 2017
  • I was fully qualified and had received an NVQ LEVEL to work with children by November 2017
  • I am fully involved with Birmingham Homeless Outreach building projects and helping the homeless.
  • I am working all long side a team of wonderful kindhearted people on the biggest project of my life Building a foundation Called (Our Global Community).


The hardest thing was never to give up, always had to keep moving forward.


One of the most important areas of change in my life came from Getting joint custdy of my son. Witch in turn helped build a great communication with Sebastian’s Mother as one person didn’t hold the rights any more witch allowed a fair understanding to what my son truly needed witch was quality time shared between both parents. Also been able to make important decisions of the weal being of his future.


I also found my true soul mate (twin flame). I had found love for my self-witch in turn helped me to truly love another. Finding a truly wonderful woman that was Intelligent, sensitive, attentive to others, engaged, dynamic, courageous, smiling, and curious of Life, Caregiver, and Loving with strong values.



And to finish it all Of I become financially free so I could concentrate all my time in helping others and building foundation and center’s all other the world.