life purpose and understanding.

The week prier ended strange. Still confused with what happened, but quickly realized a few days into the week it was meant to be at its end. I learned what I did from it and realized quick that talk is all they will ever do and ego is at play, Also with underlined anger and control. Such a shame seemed like a nice fella. Blessing and light good look with every think.

O well universe moved me forward and it came with excitement and gratitude. Finally after 28 weeks I can start work with children. You will never no how grateful I am that I finally got were I want to start my plan. Working with children is were I can put my heart. After spending most of my life trying to tell people I cared about, were they were going wrong, not realizing I was broken inside, talking my truth caring about people with honesty. Just to loss people because they’re not ready for there truths. They’re not ready to face them self’s and I don’t need to make my self suffer because of their karma and lack of love for my self. Its all change now, finally I am putting my truth into children that really need it and it feels so right and makes me feel happy. A feel alive again I feel so much empathy. I am cleaning my self out, self love is coming strong. I realize so many thinks now, even were I have gone wrong. Even working with the children is teaching me thinks about my self. Trauma that these children have gone threw because of their parent’s and peers. Like seeing my self in the mirror. I can truly help the children because, I no how they are truly feeling. Also it is helping me to listen more witch is the up most importance.  Been working for agency that sends me to different homes. I have been sent to three homes this week and hit it of with all the kids. I seem to have a ore that the children respond to me and open up. All the homes want me to work for them permanently after the first week and half. Thank you universe this is my life purpose and the starting point of the master plan. Decided on one of the homes I am going to get full time job with. And also going to stay with agency so I can work a day a week at another home. So I can help a young man to get threw his out door Qualification. He wants me to help him with them. The Staff have been trying with him for months with no success and a few shifts with him and he wants me to help him. I was built for this, past trauma as made me strong another that I can deal with the pain these children are going threw and help. Life purpose. I have known this all my life. Finally I start. Clearing away my fear and working on my self from the inside is my next plan to finish. Booked a few sessions with a psychologist want to go back to my childhood get ride of any pain I am holding onto and pain from the last few years. No more fear, No more Guilt, No More hurt. Thank u for the journey of knowing my self. I am strong person and I am starting the true journey of spiritual awareness with every think. Cleaning my self out so I can be the best I can be. The Master plan has started Finish the clean out of my self also master key and start faces to plan 2 ,3. Thank you universe, I will continue to trust you and continue to flow in the directions you show me. I am ready to realize the false belief system the artificially created world. I free my self of the same hurtful pattern with the same types of toxic people. The door will be shut and ill be walking in a different direction I am ready for my higher consciousness.




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