The positive coming in and around me. We just have to look at live in a different way.

It feels strange to look at thinks with different eyes. It should be easy for us to look at every think that is positive. Yet my brain would always head towards the negative, always looking for some think to go wrong or even coursing it to go wrong, with out realizing. A blueprint of failure embedded into my brain from my childhood and peers. Changing the thought prose’s that as been so apparent in my sub conscious for all these years is a point in my life I never thought I would be. Looking deep inside now feels like the biggest blessing of my life. I look back and think about my childhood and feel very great full for a lot of the pain as I realize I wouldn’t be half the man I am now with out it. We have to suffer to grow to be stronger to develop a skin that can deal with the worst elements of the world, to be grateful and generous in soul. Judgment of others has to be from the heart not because of social stature, money or intellect. Id do no if its just my observation or other people share the same agreement. When I have been traveling in 3rd world countries and been around the less fortunate they seem to half a heart of pure love and respect and they are so generous. This elements of understanding and the gift of never judging others no matter who they are Is a true blessing. Because of different sides of my childhood I learned to be human and to treat every person human a true gift that I believe was build into me to help others. I have been affected buy my childhood and life and have always looked at the negative side of it never looking at the positive you can take from that bad time. When you truly look at out self’s at that point of pain we can truly grow in ways. I have spent a lot of my life trying to fix other people not seeing that I was in pain suffering and living in fear. So this weeks blessing and the think I am so grateful is looking at my self. Working with the homeless this last few weeks have helped me to see my own self-destructive side. Helped me to see there is part of my heart, mind still suffering because of times in my life, bringing me answers that have been long hidden. I truly feel blessed and I am moving in the direction of complete love for my self to be the best I can be to help other. I am blessed this week because my DBS check as finally come. Now just waiting for Spanish one. Homeless outreach charity I have been helping have been donated a hostel and I have been there helping and meeting some wonderful people. I now feel blessed to be awakening more and more every day spiritually, and growing. I am grateful for the love that is growing inside my self. Your words and lies don’t hurt any more. I will be part of the people in the world that truly give love and don’t live in fear. Peace in my heart.


gratitude wordle.jpg


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