I am Feeling stronger inside, but not a nice finish to the week.

Been a long week this week. It seemed to drag for me. Not had time for much as I have been so busy with different thinks. Been out with the homeless all week, most nights apart from Thursday and went to meditation that night. Seems to have every think set on its path now. Spiritual side of thinks working along side this the master key is working better for me. My mind is clearing and I feel I am letting go of the past inside. I also put some affirmations together for me to read every morning witch helps strengthen my subconscious I believe with positive thoughts. Done my wall chart of manifestation as I call it. Wall is pretty full of stuff for my subconscious.

Problem is I haven’t spoke to my little man much this week every time I called he was playing with his friends and didn’t want to talk to me. Up setting to say the least. Also this weekend as been horrific for me first I am not with my little man for Halloween witch hurts. Second a dear friend of mine died from a heart attack. I am pretty speechless when it comes to this only 47 years old. Rest in peace my friend. A wonderful man, that had the biggest heart. Every body likes him. A comedian on the microphone, always-making people laugh. A true friend to many people. It really Shows me how short life really is and we never no what’s round the corner. I am blessed to have known you for twenty years and feel privileged to have been your friend. God bless you. Sending all my love to all our friends and Rodgers family .xxx


You will never die when you’re alaive in the memories of others



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