Interesting discovery and added more to my journey.

Hope it’s been a great week for every one. I have got ride of the illness I had last week finally feeling a lot better. Been a long week this week, out helping the Homeless for 4 nights of the week. They’re so many people in pain in this world and so many people hiding behind money, why does it have to be this way. Meet a young 21-year-old girl this week that had just run away from her family, two days prier to me meeting her. The reason for her running away was because her mother had set up an arranged marriage for her and a young fella. Her words to me was my mother hides behind religion in her community every one thinks she’s a saint telling me how to think who to love and what to do. I feel like a slave. I don’t feel love from my mother or family. How can this be gods way, Love is gods way. I really felt for this young girl. How true are them words why is it that our piers think there write when it comes down to religion and the poor and money. As far as I can see your egos are the biggest your ignorance to love and empathy is the worst. Yet you dictate to people the most about how it should be. All the people hiding behind religion to make their egos inflated will have to attain for what they have done. The world moves in such a slow pace because people live in the past scared to move forward and look at the future. Young generations have to break threw such out dated selfish egotistical attitudes. An example of the younger generation feeling more love and empathy is with the homeless they’re always stopping in the streets to feed the homeless not only that there stopping to talk to them. I have been out for the last three weeks now and noticed children from the age of 9 up wards stopping to feed and talk to them. I have not seen one adult in this time. You like to think you have so much love and empathy yet you walk buy like your owed some think. A mind full of making money who will I screw other next. Human Ego has a massive amount to play in the way the world is. We can blame politicians for a lot of what’s going on in the world, but how much responsibility are we going to personally take. How much of our own egos are we going to be accountable for? Having money doesn’t get you closer to god it puts you further away. All the prophets of the world didn’t live in big houses drive flash cars or designer clothes, its human ego that wants all this. I feel blessed and no the human raise is getting better and its starting with the younger generations of empathic, loving, caring intuitive people I believe that the generations, keep braking down the walls of ego, greed and keeps showing them there truth, there world they created. Keep giving love and empathy to the areas of the world that need it. Wake up humanity, wake up to your own ego its time to look at our self’s.

Some think I have noticed on this master key journey is there isn’t another spiritual for me. So I took it open my self to find some spiritual stuff to work along side this, so I decided to work with Dr & Master Sha (Tao source Healing) and also to go on two 10-day Vipassana Meditation courses. Healing and taking a hard look at my self from the inside out. I believe this will help me to become stronger more in tune individual. Its time to be truly me, I am starting to feel blessed.




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