Week 3 – Finding my power with in my self .

I’ve been told, on many occasions, by many people, that I am too sensitive. Expressing my emotions is my to strength. I have spent a live time wearing my heart on my sleeve. Loving and forgiving those who hurt me, as been such a hard think to do for me realizing this is because of the sensitivity of myself and not knowing what this is. What I realize now is forgiving those who hurt me is the true gift. Holding on to pain and lies will just create more pain and hurt.

Being sensitive can be mentally draining and self-destructive. Some body I cared about said that I was self-destructive. At the time I could not see, not no more. Always trying to get other people to see them self’s is the worse think I have ever done. Even though I cared for them they will always target their anger at the person trying to help them rather then face up to them self’s. Problem with that is one day they will have to. Lets hope they haven’t lied so much and caused more pain to others in the long run. I cant help been me and wanting to help the people I cared about. I realize now most of the times it’s just impossible to help and me the sensitive one becomes the enemy. I am done feeling helpless I have stopped searching for solutions to no avail. With people like that and I am putting my sensitivity into the people that really need the help and that want to help them self’s. It’s scary being a sensitive person and being in tune with my emotions and the emotions of others. I believe many people could not deal with this gift if they were as sensitive. It’s like I was born having my eyes so open to the world around you. It’s an innate gift that I have been given but I am realizing I must protect myself to stay strong. So limiting my time with people and situations that drain my energy. Realizing I am not the one living in fear, I am not the one that as to go out in the world and lie. People that really now me now what I am about and who I am. I will always remember I don’t need to change or harden my purity makes me who I am. I will continue to wear my heart on my sleeve and clear away this pain inside myself. I will continue gain strength and keep going in the direction giving strength to others as well. Being sensitive just means that you have a heart and soul. Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness. Dreaming and thinking deeply about life is my power to bring change. And my life will be about what I can do to help people. I am fully aware now of feeling energy around me. Emotions and pain means that I am very aware. I am not crazy naïve any more I am seeing the truth.

Some think I have realized as well as been the actions of my self with that sensitive person two. I am sorry for not understanding your pain and sensitivity I didn’t even understand my self another.


I always wished I was thicker skinned, and that things didn’t get to me as much as they do now. Now I don’t I am blessed; now I am becoming my true self.



One thought on “Week 3 – Finding my power with in my self .

  1. While reading your post, it reminded me about the feeling of “losing myself” and wondering “who” I was. I felt like things I cared about/talked about with others did not matter. This made me think that what I had to say was unimportant, so I would keep things to myself and was the “quiet” one in the group. Then I started to watch/listen/read Joel Osteen, he is amazing by speaking to everyone in a way we can all relate to & understand. Check out his website. You will be glad you did. We get to determine the outcome of each day, make every day great!


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